Administration tools for NT (free)

All these command-line tools are freeware.

Attribx 1.04Extended ATTRIB program that also handles directoriesattribx /?OKOKOKOK
ChCase 1.2Line filter: change text case, etc.chcase /?OKOKOKOK
ChPass 1.4Change user's password on any machine or domainchpass /?OKOKOKOK
NTFSlink2.0Create a hard link or a junction to a file or a directoryNTFSlink /?OKOKOKOK
HardLinkReplaced by NTFSlink
GetUserInfo1.4Return user's info: full name, home dir, last logon/logoff, etc.GetUserInfo /?OKOKOKOK
TapeChk1.2Tape handling: check, rewind, erase, etc.tapechk /?OKOKOKOK
Protected Devices2.87Put ACL on floppy drives, CD-ROM, ports, etc.
Also hide drives in the Explorer.
Very good integration with System/Group Policy.
LogCmd 2.83Log anything in the event log, to a printer, or send it to any custom commandon-lineOK?OKOK
XGInA 1.0Allow start-up, shutdown, logon and logoff scripts - in user and system modeon-lineOK??OK


These programs are free for non commercial purpose.
You may not modify the program and/or any of the accompanying files and/or distribute them in altered state. You may not sell it or make any profit from it (except distribution fee).

All software and documentation associated with this program is provided 'as is': ie., it is provided without warranty of any kind, not even an implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any purpose.

Some of these programs has been developed when working on projects for Computer Sciences Corp. Belgium.
CSC gave me the right to freely distribute these utilities as freeware.